Here is a brief overview of the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl floors knowing them in detail is very important before deciding to buy. So here are few disadvantaged and advantages:


  • easy to care for (easy to clean, no oiling and polishing necessary)
  • easy and quick to lay
  • low noise
  • large selection of decors and colours: stone, wood and design floors
  • warm to the feet and comfortable walking
  • low height, therefore ideal for renovations
  • solid vinyl is suitable for damp rooms (if glued)
  • low thermal resistance: is well suited for underfloor heating


  • very even subsurface necessary for laying
  • cannot be installed on every existing old flooring
  • heavy objects can leave bruises
  • Glued vinyl flooring is laborious to remove
  • may contain harmful plasticizers if it is not certified or produced in the EU

Pay attention to where your vinyl floor is coming from

Vinyl floors are made of polyvinyl chloride or PVC for short. This material is very hard. Therefore, you cannot make floor coverings from it alone. Vinyl floors contain additives such as plasticizers. This makes the floors light-resistant and elastic. Because of the plasticizers, vinyl or PVC used to have a bad reputation. Today the additives are no longer questionable. The EU has strict rules for the manufacture of  luxury vinyl tile in painesville oh and other PVC products.

What do you have to consider when laying

Vinyl flooring is easy and quick to install. You don’t need a saw to shorten it: score the plank with a craft knife and then bend it with your hand. Install only on a dry, clean and level surface. The flatness tolerances are specified in the standard. Level out any unevenness, otherwise, you will push your way through the floor or damage it. So that you can get the floor installed quickly. We recommend glueing in rooms with underfloor heating. The heat is conducted better if the sub-floor is directly connected to the vinyl floor. This is how you heat more effectively. One can lay these flooring in any. Living room, kitchen, hallway or children’s room: vinyl flooring is suitable for almost all rooms.

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